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Sterling Silver Etruscan Loop-in-loop Chain

Silver Etruscan Loop-in-loop Chain - hallmarked

Sturdy yet elegant, hand crafted chain and clasp.

Suitable for both men and women.

Very comfortable to wear.

Colour: silver

Length: 55 cm

Etruscan Loop-in-loop Chain

"The loop-in-loop was the predominant chain type used for gold and silver jewellery from the early Bronze Age in the Middle East, through the Classical period until the end of the Middle Ages. Among the earliest surviving examples of loop-in-loop chains were those discovered in the royal graves at Ur which have been dated to around 3000 b.c., but mastery of the problems associated with the technique and the quality of the craftsmanship indicate that simple chains of this type had probably been produced for some time before this. Loop-in-loop chains also have been found in jewellery from Troy II, from pre-palatial Crete, and from Egyptian burials of a somewhat later date (2100 b.c.)."

Ref: Origins and Applications of Loop-in-Loop Chains (Jean Reist Stark, Josephine Reist Smith)


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